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Mirabell Mozartkugeln 18pcs

12.12.2012 13:43 - Lisbeth

I am from DK. last year I went to a congress in Vienna, and I bought a few boxes of the mozartkugln for my collegues at the office, since they have been very helpful during my work. Ever since when I ask for a favour of them they tell me it cost, and that it minimum cost mozar tkugeln. As I wrote I live in DK, and I have been searching everywhere for the mozart kugeln but have not been able to find them. Not even an internet shop, so I was very happy to see that I can order them from Austria. Then i am also sure it is the right original mozart kugeln. I am travelling a lot and I am always looking for the mozart kugeln in the different airports. But I have meet similar chocolade, but not the orginal ones with truffles, pistachio marzipan layer, haxelnut marxipan layer, almond nougat, they are all so very nice. Now that I finally found a place where I can order the mozart kugeln I will order serveral boxes, but for my collegues so I can ask for favours in the future, but also for my family. They will be so nice to enjoy during christmas

Mozartkugeln Boîte 30pcs

11.12.2012 21:19 - Cristina

Todavia recuerdo la primera vez que probé estos bombones, hace más de 20 años. Vivo en una pequeña ciudad al oeste de España llamada Salamanca. Era yo muy pequeña cuando mis padre me dejaron unos dias en casa de mi abuela para hacer un viaje por Europa. Visitaron varios paises, y prometieron traerme regalos de todos ellos. Yo estuve esperando impaciente su vuelta, no tanto porque les echase de menos, (era muy niña, unos días sin padres suponía la libertad más absoluta!) sino porque estaba ansiosa por ver mis regalos!!! Y por supuesto, uno de los regalos que me trajeron de su viaje fue una caja de bolas de Mozart. ecuerdo que nos volvieron locos a toda la familia, qué ricos estaban! Mis hermanos y yo nos peleabamos por ellos!!! La caja se terminó y fue todo un drama familiar. Era imposible conseguir más, ¡en España no se venden! Por eso ahora, veinte años despues, quiero aprovechar la magia de internet y hacer un pedido de una caja de bolas de Mozart para regalar estas navidades a mi familia, para así poder revivir nuestra infancia a través de el sabor de los bombones. ¡De verdad espero que les haga mucha ilusión el regalo! Feliz navidad

Edition de Cadeau Mozart

11.12.2012 14:22 - shiba

when I was 6 years old my father bought this chocolate from Germany and I still remember the taste, It is really the best chocolate I've ever had although it is a bit pricey but it will change your mood for a long time . I've tried many chocolates and sweets during childhood but none of them were as good which made me remember it for 20 years and recently after 20 years I found this chocolate again in duty free shop , the packaging is exactly the same as it was 20 years ago therefore I immediately recognized it and picked 6 of them which it was quite hard to carry :)))) the chocolate really has a unique taste and it is made from a very special formula blended with the finest almond and praline paste. now I am in UK there for I can order it easily online whenever I want and I am so happy about it ,I hope this brand opens many branches all around the world so that I can get it where ever I go and whenever I want . I would recommend this product for any one who loves chocolate or wants to give a very special gift to their friends or family. it is truly the best.

Mirabell Mozartkugeln 18pcs

11.12.2012 07:06 - Hashmed

I discovered Mozart Kugeln in college, and sense then I've tried to get my hands on some every year. Truly some of the best candy I've had, and Mozart on the front is the icing on the cake

Mac Queens Nessie Bière

11.12.2012 01:14 - sarah golden

This is my dad's favorite beer of all time. I saw that I could purchase it online and I was super excited. It all started about 8 years when my mom went a place about 20 minutes where we live where they sell all different kinds of beers and wines from around the world. She picked a bunch of different kinds of beer, mostly German because that is usually my dads favorite kinds. When they were first married her pet name for my father was Nessie, and she still calls him that even today. So as a joke she picked this beer and gave it to him for Christmas. Well wouldnt you know it turned out to be his favorite of all time. She started to buy it regularly for him. Well about 4 years I went to get it for him for his birthday and the place told me that they no longer carry the beer and in fact they don't sell in New York anymore. I was so upset because I know how much my dad liked this beer. So I bought him a bunch of different Germans ones. He loved them, but was disappointed when I told him they no longer have Nessie. Once and awhile I go in there and ask if they carry it yet, but they told me no. Thats when I looked online and found you guys..Thanks so much and I look forward to see my dad super happy on Christmas!

Hofbauer Mozartkugeln

10.12.2012 15:02 - Inger Moore Højer

I am from Denmark. I visited Salzburg some years back, I was there i relation with my work. My company office were very close to an aoulet shop with all kinds of Mozart chocolate. The last day we were there we visited the shop, and wauw... this was the real thing. I bought so much chocolate and filled up every empty space in my suitcase. Flying home I lost my suitcase, and I wa really worried that I lost my precious Mozart chocolate - but I was lucky, my suitcase showed up a week later and I could give the chocolate presents to my children and family, and last but not least - eat some more myself :) I am telling everybody who wants to listen about this experience I had back then. Mozart chocolate is still one of my favorites and it is worth paying a little extra to get this delicious taste. And I am dreaming of going back to Salzburg some day, to see more of this beauteful city (not just work) and see if the shop is still there, and fill up my suitcase once more :) I may actually be going this summer with some friends, that will be so great :)

Victor Schmidt 50pcs

10.12.2012 11:37 - khawla

does this chocolate have pork or any produc related to pork? coz i have allergy from the pork productions.. thank you

Mirabell Mozartkugeln 100pcs

09.12.2012 19:41 - A. MONTORO

Mi madre estuvo en Viena en 1992 y me trajo a casa estos inolvidables bombones Mirabell. 20 años mas tarde le pedí a mi novia que me los trajera porque jamás olvide ese sabor tan especial. Y aquí los tengo, como hace 20 años. Olé. My mother was in Vienna in 1992 and brought me home these unforgettable chocolates Mirabell. 20 years later I asked my girlfriend to bring them because I never forget that special flavor. And here I have, like 20 years ago. Olé.

Linzer Torte

09.12.2012 19:14 - Stefan Zweig

Do you ship to New York? I'd like to send a linnzertorte to a friend.

Mozart Médailles 48pcs

07.12.2012 23:15 - Marshaller

Discovered these many years ago on a holday with my parents as a teenager. Mum adored them and by the end of the holiday so did I. Years later I took my own family to Salzburg and they too fell for the charms of the city as well as its chocolates, particularly the silver wrapped mozartkugeln . We were fortunately staying in beautiful St Gilgen so stocked up everyone's suitcase with the silver treasure. We were very reluctant to share with anyone, even family and friends as we knew we wouldn't be able to get them at home. We then found Mozarttaler in a specialist shop in York and treated ourselves. Memories of evenings spent in the square in St Gilgen came to life and out came the photos. It may be many years before we can return to Austria but thanks to the internet and discovering your site, we can still enjoy chocolate mozarts as we call them. My daughter is studying German and has just discovered her language tutor was born is Salzburg! He goes home at Christmas and we've given him a shopping list. In the meantime your site can provide our Christmas after dinner treats. Happy memories.

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