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Hofbauer Chocolats de pâte d

19.10.2013 18:57 - Patrizia

highest quality and low price.....My family loved it!!!

Victor Schmidt Sac

19.10.2013 13:57 - Marco

La prima scoperta di questi deliziosi cioccolatini è avvenuta a Salisburgo durante la mia prima visita alla città condei cari amici. Era il lontano 1986 in una bella giornata di maggio. Ci siamo subito innmaorati delel Mozart Kugeln e da allora non ne restiamo mai senza.

Mirabell Mozartkugeln 100pcs

19.10.2013 02:00 - Mary Wegner

my family & I love Mozart Kugeln and the Mozart Taler (the discs or coins) Please tell me if I can buy these in Canada, particularly in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Thank You.

Mozart Gold

18.10.2013 14:21 - rina van der westhuizen

never tasted anything like it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mirabell Mozartkugeln 9pcs

17.10.2013 19:03 - Rebecca

I'm an opera singer so you can imagine why a confection named after the great Mozart would appeal to me. A friend gave me one of these to try, but I ended up giving it to my vocal coach who was having a bad day. Let me tell you, I've never seen so much joy on his face as when he bit into the Mozartkugel. Being the kind and generous soul he is, it brought me much joy as well to see him so happy. Now, I am looking for a gift for my dear coach and knew that these delicious pieces of heaven would be the perfect thing. I can't wait to give them; it always feels so much nicer up give when you know the recipient will love the present. The only question is how much to buy! I know he would be content with one bag, but surely two would mean twice the pleasure! Who know, maybe I will stock up and give these out to my friends this Halloween. Grown up trick or treating! Anyway, thanks for the great product. Can't wait to try them myself!

Hofbauer Mozartkugeln

14.10.2013 07:11 - patrice

Depuis un voyage là-bas, l'Autriche est désormais pour nous synonyme de gastronomie, entre les escalopes panées, les tartes Sacher, et bien sûr les sublimes Mozart Kugeln, que nous commandons régulièrement via Internet. Rien de meilleur en accompagnement d'un café par exemple.

Gurktaler Alpenkräuter

14.10.2013 06:00 - Rich

Picked up a bottle while living in Bavaria. Where can I get some in Pennsylvania. It is a great Austrian secret!

Wieselburger Bière

13.10.2013 18:00 - paul read

how much would it cost in sterling for a crate of weiselburger bier to be imported to England.

Victor Schmidt 50pcs

12.10.2013 21:42 - Marina

I am originally from Ukraine but have been living in USA, San Francisco and explore many wonderful candies like Godiva , Sees candy, girardelly chocolate . I have tried a lots Swiss and Belgium chocolate as well. When we visited Austria as a family trip I saw Mozart chocolate sold almost everywhere. I even have picture of me and two huge Mozart balls, taken in Vienna. I am always curious about local products when I visit other places and countries so of course I could not resist to try Mozart kugelns . Since that time , I can't resist the toast of this greatly collectively amazing taste and complexity of the chocolate product. It is combination of marzipan, almond, chocolate , structure, the glaze , which does not melt in your hands. It gives you so much strength , energy , pleasure and satisfaction at the same time . Last time we visited Europe , we had stop over in Munich airport . I was so released to see these candies on sale in duty free shop . I have bought five cans , could buy more if it would not custom regulations . They all gone by now and I am so glad there is opprtunitynto by them online . Can wait then my shipment will arrive ...

12.10.2013 02:12 - Eric

Can you ship alcohol to canada?

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