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Chaussette Noire Rouge-Blanc-Rouge

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Milka Naps 355pcs

23.09.2013 00:15 - Lucy ystes

I love milka!

Gosser Bière

10.09.2013 18:45 - will tyler

I have about 30+ gosser glasses inc spec ed ones

Mirabell Mozartkugeln 100pcs

10.09.2013 18:01 - Marcy Davis

My dad used to travel from Canada to Austria for work a couple of times a year. Every time he would return with a bag full of Mozart chocolates. They were the best chocolate I have ever had, and was a special treat for the family. We would love when he went away because we knew there would be chocolates waiting for us on his return. When his work moved the conferences to another location our family was heartbroken, as we knew we would not be getting our favourite chocolates any more. Luckily for us, my father was able to secure a few more conferences in Europe, although only once a year. This meant we were still able to have Mozart chocolates, and would usually find them in our stockings on Christmas day. My dad has since retired, and does not travel as frequently anymore, but we still take advantage of him whenever he does and make him pick up a gigantic bags of Mozart Chocolates for us when he is there. I am hoping to make it to Europe next year, and will be certain to make a stop for some of those amazing Mozart Chocolates while Im there :)

Mirabell Mozartkugeln 100pcs

09.09.2013 18:19 - Paulo Martins

I am writing from Lisbon-Portugal, where i have a Chocolate boutique. We work with fresh Belgian Bombons ,like Neuhaus, pralibel etc..Portugal does not have a strong chocolate tradition. Despite being a small space - 50sq, m we complement the offer with Coffees, teas, candy etc... Many clients have a coffee and a bombon daily. I would like to try this option: A Nespresso and a Mozart and turn it into a Best seller. Of course i´m sure there are other products in your range delicious and also very surprising, in comparison with our more traditional chocolates. That i don´t know yet but in time eager to try.Despite the difficult portuguese economic situation We have been working this boutique since October 2011, with moderate success and it come out as topic of conversation several times the Mozartkugeln. The memories of my trip to Salzburg are a little faded already.... I remember the main thematic store of the Mozart chocolates- Impressive, and of course the Mozart residence.To complete the sensorial tour there was always good music in the main Plaza by street artists. Hoping that we can explore this occasion as an opportunity for both parties

Zipfer Urtyp Bouteille

09.09.2013 17:13 - Jitkasem Wetwatana


Milka Noisette 270g

05.09.2013 09:31 - Jacqui

I love Milka! I discovered it in Europe and have wanted it ever since!

Nannerl Liqueur Abricot

04.09.2013 07:42 - Arlene Joyce

I purchased two of these in Vienna as gifts. The apricot liqueur is delicious. I would like to purchase a larger bottle, but I have not located any for sale in Northern California. I would like to order more. Can they be shipped to the US? Do you sell this liqueur in large bottles or only in the violin shaped bottles?

Blaschke Kokoskuppel

01.09.2013 04:46 - Donna Blaschke Grant

I would love to have this shipped to me, is that possible. My great-grandfather came to USA in 1880s from Austria....Anton.

Nannerl Schnaps Abricot

27.08.2013 01:25 - Terr Mooney

Even tonight we are still enjoying the bottle of Apricot Schnapps we bought 4 years ago. Delicious!

Stiegl Goldbräu

24.08.2013 21:58 - Lars

Holiday each year in Austria with this beer from tap is the best!

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