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Gösser Zwickl Sombre

14.06.2013 07:46 - O.E.Kienzle

I agree with Mr. Goodrich's comment. Goodbye to Gosser Beer in the USA. HoffBrau (HB) is an excellent choice and also Beck's Dark Beer. HoffBrau built a Beer Hall 5 minutes from my home (Rosemont, IL) so I am spending all of my money there now. Too bad Gosser management lost it's edge, I bet the founder's of the company are turning over in their graves knowing they threw away the advantage they had over other Breweries with their fine beers. I guess they hired the right people to run the company in the ground, it is a shame, never met anyone who didn't like a Gosser Beer, never met anyone who would only drink one. I guess stockholders greed overcame hard work and loyalty to the dedicated Gosser Beer drinkers here in the USA. Sit back and spend your money, one day it will be all gone and your heirs will wonder why it wasn't invested in the future. I wrote 8 different letters and emails to the USA Distributor of Gosser and also to the home office in Austria, they didn't even have the respect to answer any of the mail...too busy spending there father's money. Now I am too busy drinking someone else's beer. See you on the other side.

Mozart White Vanilla

12.06.2013 14:04 - nick

i had been to austria 1 year ago and i found a great alcohol which is this. if u have ever tried , thi s i am sure that u love this why ? it taste good it means sweet little bit alcohol which i lov e most and sticky ? (am i right ? ha ha i dont know) it is more lik e a m m m m m chocolat e plus whisky . u may do not know that in here this whisky is not that famous u know , so at first no body knows what this is . some body says that is this sure whisky . so i said i am not sure . because even me i did not know about this taste . but my friend and my co - workers and all the people around me love this when they first taste this whisky . i mean every body especially women . ha ha . u would not regret when u order this and get this . trust me . it really taste good . thank you so much to read all this long story . hope u have a great day

Mozart White Vanilla

11.06.2013 18:25 - Mindy Schwartz

We traveled to the south of France for two weeks and discovered Mozart White Chocolate Liqueur at the Hotel Negresco bar in Nice. We fell in love with the smooth taste of your product. We have tried many other chocolate liqueurs, but nothing compares to Mozart White Chocolate. We returned to the Hotel Negresco several times during our stay for an after-dinner class of Mozart White Chocolate on the rocks. The chocolate flavor is rich, but not overpowering, smooth and heavenly. It was the perfect end to the wonderful dinners we enjoyed during our trip. I've tried to find a distributor in the US, but could not find one who would ship to California. I'm so pleased to have found your website, so that I can order some of your fantastic liqueur for our home. Our wedding anniversary will be here in a few weeks, and I want to surprise my husband with a bottle of Mozart liqueur as a gift. It will help to keep our special memories of our latest trip to France alive. We will also share this fine product with our friends, who I am sure will like it as much as we do. Thank you for making Mozart White Chocolate Liqueur!

Kremser Moutarde

11.06.2013 01:04 - zig criscuolo

We travelled back through Austria last summer after a trip to Lake Garda and stopped off in Malnitz. A quick trip to the local Billa led to us picking up some provisions for the weekend stopover. The tube of Kremser mustard was so good it made the journey home and we've been trying to track down some more her in the UK before we use the last few servings.

Milka Oreo 5x100g

08.06.2013 22:18 - Osagie

I have never found a more amazing product then they Milka Brand Chocolates. These are absolutely amazing, and I have no clue how I lived without them! I discovered these fine candies while I was traveling around Europe, and I instantly fell in love with them. The company has a wide variety of concept sweets, what I enjoy the most about these products is that they are all uniquely filled, covered, or feature a particularly different flavor and therefore overall tone! This candy bar is by far one of the best of the candy company's line because amazingly rich chocolate has been paired with one of the most world renowned and most recognized cookie brands in the world. Oreo and Milka equals Delicious Chocolate Magic! If you're considering whether to purchase and or sample this chocolate bar, Be warned that it's better than everything you're expecting it to be. By them self alone, Oreo Cookies are without a doubt one of the best non-artisan cookies available, but with layered between Chocolate, it's far better than normal. I found one of these bar by mistake on my travels amongst a ton of other candies, and the only reason I initially bought it was that the Oreos Logo both caught my eye and reminded me of home. I'll never forget biting into that brick of chocolate and thinking Why don't we have these at home!? This is simply one of the best! Period. I'm very glad that when I'm not traveling, I can other these great products online, and have them delivered to my home, office, or sent to my friends and family as gifts. Everyone always seems to ask me to bring them a bar of this candy for their birthday!

Mirabell Mozartkugeln 100pcs

08.06.2013 04:07 - jocelyn

There are certain foods whose flavour encompasses all five taste sensations - sweetness, bitterness, sourness, saltiness and umami (deliciousness and the feeling of a lingering flavour).Victor Schmidt's Bag embraces all of these and in doing so is able to evoke for me a feeling of place. When I mention place, I do not mean a location or site, a bathhouse, a city or part of the countryside, but instead I mean a space to which I attach meaning; a place where I feel for one reason or another I belong or some part of my identity has been formed there or taken away. This is the case for me with Salzburg. I visited it only once when i was young, and found it to be a beautiful city, with sharp mountains rising up in the background, the air stiff with freshness, and a wondrous, cyan sky that unfolded above us. We seemed to be protected but it was just an illusion. Our family had travelled to many countries in the world, and each had their individual character. Biting into Victor Schmidt's Bag was like experiencing an entire universe, wrapped in its distinctive golden paper. These orbs signified to me Salzburg and, even today, still reminds me of the Salzburg of my youth and, wider still, my own lost innocence. It is a world in miniature, a taste that triggers memory, place, and images of my first police line up.

Kremser Moutarde

08.06.2013 02:51 - William Josey

I was first introduced to Austrian mustard when visiting family in 1989. Senf & sausages - delicious. However I once poured (as a 12 year old) the schwartz rather suss on a meal and lived to regret it. Fortunately it was ice cream for dessert.

Samichlaus Bière

07.06.2013 18:32 - christa

can't wait to try this beer

Gosser Bière

06.06.2013 05:57 - Noelle

I first discovered Gosser beer in Budapest in the summer of 2011 at the Budapest Beer Festival which was held up at the Palace. It was an amazing non-tourist experience. I have been trying to find in the USA but very hard. So I will order through your company and pay the high price to ship into the US as it is hands down THE best beer I have ever drank. Leinenkugals has something called a Summer Shandy but it is not near as good as Gosser's lemon beer. The beer reminds of a summer nights and listening to bands since in Hungarian and the smell of grilled meats and all the fun of the different languages at the Festival. And just talking to other people who wanted to know things about the US. The trip to Budapest was one of my favorite travel experiences. Loved that city and drank Gosser whenever we were out as soon as we first discovered it at the festival. It is really the true drink of summer and captures the essence of an easy drinking beer not heavy at all. Now if you can only find out how to get me Chio Stickletti Sajtos cheese stick snack crackers in the US, I would kiss you!

Nussini 3pcs

03.06.2013 13:59 - Sarah Coe

I have never eaten this but my friend went on exchange from Australia to Germany in 2012 for the whole year and she was obsessed with this chocolate and her 18th birthday is in a month and I have been trying to think of a good present for her and I know that she has really been missing Germany, or 'home' as she calls it, so I decided to get her something from Germany and I was going through her pictures and came across a picture of Nussini and so I have come to the decision that I will buy her as many packets of Nussini that I can afford which is probably around three because shipping is ridiculously expensive and I am very poor on account of the supermarket I work at is going broke and I only get one shift a month and I have been saving up for plane tickets, so three packets of Nussini is going to have to do the job. I think she will be happy with it. I also plan to recreate Ferris Buellers Day Off for her, which I forced her to watch last week, forced because I think that it is not okay for her to go on living without having seen it, and that goes for you too, go watch Ferris Buellers Day Off.

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