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Victor Schmidt Sac

18.11.2013 17:44 - Jackie

Lovely lovely lovely chocolates, they bring back many happy memories of holidays in Austria.

Victor Schmidt Sac

18.11.2013 17:34 - Jackie

Lovely lovely lovely brings back many happy memories of holidays in Austria, and it just wouldn't be Christmas with out them.

Victor Schmidt Sac

18.11.2013 17:28 - Jackie

I love these wonderful chocolates, they bring back many happy memories of holidays in Austria. So glad I've found somewhere easy to buy them from.

18.11.2013 01:16 - jana kremina

Received this liquor as a gift. Gave it away and could not stop hearing about how great this liquor taste and where they can get more. I am interested in tasting it myself now.

Mirabell Mozartkugeln 100pcs

17.11.2013 04:37 - Laney

First had these luscious chocolates in, of all places, Talketna, Alaska. My entire family fell in LOVE with them! Have only been able to find them once in a great while here in the lower 48. Am excited to find them online, The quantity available here will allow me to actually spread the love this holiday season! Seems everyone will be excited to find them in their stockings this Christmas morning! Hopefully no one will eat so many at one sitting as to ruin their meal later in the day. If they do, I will not fuss too much! They are so YUMMY!

Mozart Black

17.11.2013 03:54 - Corrie

I first tried the Mozart Black at a party at a friend's house in the summer time. A friend had brought a bottle from Europe to the United States. The taste was rich and smooth, with out the bitterness so many chocolate liquers can have. I looked for it in the United States and was disappointed when I could not locate it, especially in light of the fact I was just in Austria 6 months ago! I tried the Mozart product site directly but again was disappointed they do not ship to the United States. I was very happy to find that it was available online for shipping. This is by far the best chocolate liquer I have had and I do not think I will try another brand again. I have not had it straight as recommended by someone else. We had it in a mixed drink, but the chocolate flavor was strong and pure, and again not bitter. I would love to try the other flavors as well. Thank you Austrian Shop for making this product available to those of us in the United States who want to appreciate good chocolate liquer!

Mozart Black

17.11.2013 03:41 - Corrie

A friend had brought the Mozart Black home to the United States after a visit to Europe. I was blown away by the depth of taste. It was delicious! I could not find it in the US and was very happy to find it available to be shipped!

Mirabell Mozartkugeln 18pcs

16.11.2013 11:07 - alessandra

da quando sono stata a vienna per il mio viaggio di nozze non sono stata piu' lontana da questi deliziosi cioccolatini....

Darbo Fraise 200g

16.11.2013 07:09 - Franco Palombini


Mirabell Mozartkugeln 100pcs

15.11.2013 10:01 - Christl

Still in love with these after all these years! I continue to share them with my friends who then share them with their friends and family and so the tradition grows. Still can't find anything in Australia to match them! Wunderbar danke!

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