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Chaussette Noire Rouge-Blanc-Rouge

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Mozart Gold

16.12.2013 21:27 - Quentin

It's the favorit drink to my grand mother=

Mirabell Mozartkugeln 100pcs

16.12.2013 17:12 - Anyinng Wu

I had this chocolate years ago, and happened to find it again during out trip to Germany this year. Both me and my son got so addicted to it, and wanted to have it everyday. Ever since we ran out of it, my 5-year old son kept asked me to buy more, because he said this is the best chocolate in the world.

Milka Raisins Ecrous 5x100g

16.12.2013 03:41 - Mohammad Mehdi Pour

Milka it's chocolate grow up with I have never forgotten taste and it's best chocolate ever tried.since my childhood Milka was chocolate I loved to eat specially Grapes with nuts taste , but since I am now living in australia I have always missing taste of Milka chocolate while Milka it's not available in Australia . When ever I wanted chocolate in my childhood and any occasion Milka was the one it's taste never forget and I would wish they were available in Australia . All my relative and family bought me Milka in my childhood as they knew this is chocolate I always like.Milka has got a lot variety taste with feel of freshness of all the ingredients use in making this special chocolate. I want thank you for ongoing quality of Milka chocolate as it's feel taste same delicious and enjoyable chocolate ever. This is chocolate all my family enjoy and love to eat its incomparable taste of chocolate Could you please consider to export Milka to Australian market I am sure it will have very good market as there is no any chocolate I could compare taste with Milka. Thank you for time and appreciated for reading my story

Mirabell Mozartkugeln 18pcs

15.12.2013 22:11 - Erin

My husband first ate these on a childhood trip to Austria when he was ten years old. After many years of regaling me with stories about how good and delicious they are I had my opportunity to try them during our honeymoon in Vienna. He was right: yummy! We must have eaten five boxes during our two-week stay in Austria. We had to keep going back to the choclatier for more and more. My husband has longed for these chocolates ever since and has searched for a place to buy them fresh here in the United States of America. I can't wait to surprise him with these on Christmas morning and reminisce about our wonderful trip together. His parents have occasionally given him some of these Mozartkugeln over the years but he says that the ones we can get here in the United States are dried out from having sat in the warehouse for too long, so I am hopeful that ordering them straight from Austria will give him the real deal and make him feel like he is back in Vienna again! Someday we will go back to Austria but these will tide us over until then!

Samichlaus Bière

15.12.2013 15:51 - Gemma Harris

Bought this beer for my husband as he once had it at a Christmas Market years ago. He had always spoke so fondly of it so I decided to surprise him. What surprised me is how much I loved it!! It's such a unique taste. The strength of it s not overwhelming at all, it tasted rich and silky. I could definitely pick up the chocolate notes and the smell reminds me of Christmas so much. It's hard to get this beer, as it is only brewed once a year so if you see it, make sure you get it. I'm on here now, hopefully ordering us some not only for Xmas, but also as a Secret Santa gift for my husband's co-worker. This beer is so enjoyable that everyone we talk to about it asks where they can get it from too. I wish it was available all year round but I guess part of the magic would be gone. We certainly get excited on the 6th December in our house!!! You can also buy a Samichlaus glass which is beautiful and holds the beer nicely. It adds to the occasion and it always feels like Christmas has arrived when that glass appears.

Mozart Mini Blanc

15.12.2013 05:17 - Louis

On a trip to Austria to explore our family roots several years ago we discovered these wonderful spirits. My grandparents were both from Austria. We had never been to Europe before and didn't know what to expect. Our trip to Austria was spectacular..... the food... the scenery... the history... but especially the Mozart chocolates and liquors made everything memorable. These spirits are perfect as after dinner beverages or simply as a relaxing late night treasure along with a lite-snack. These spirits are also a perfect way to introduce people to the delights and pleasures of Austria. We give the small bottles often as gifts to celebrate special occasions: birthdays; holidays; New Year's celebrations; Christmas gifts. They are always a wonderful surprise. Everyone loves European specialties. Thy are smooth tasteful and intriguing. We feel good about introducing friends and family to such wonderful beverages. Now.. it is almost a family tradition. Friends and family have come to expect these spirits as gifts and are disappointed if we get them something else. Your products have given us and others joy as well as refreshing our memories of our wonderful Austrian vacation. Thank you.

Hofbauer Mozartkugeln

14.12.2013 22:24 - Ingrid Vöhr

Meine Geschichte Mozartkugeln gehören zu Österreich so wie der Stephansdom. Wahrzeichen sind in dieser Geschichte nicht wegzudenken. Wir lieben Das Gulasch genauso wie die Mozartkugeln von Hofbauet beides darf in unserer Stadt Wien nicht fehlen. Wenn wir Besuch von unseren Gästen aus dem Ausland bekommen servieren wir als Entree in unser Land die berühmten Mozartkugeln und guten Kaffee. Die Begeisterung kennt keine Grenzen und so tragen wir ein Stück oesterreichische Geschichte in die Welt. Erzählen Sie möglichst vielen Leuten wie zart schmelzend die Schokolade der Mozartkugeln zu genießen ist. Damit die Tradition erhalten bleibt. Gute Musik guter Wein und gute Schokoladengenüsse bleiben in Erinnerung. Wenn ich mir etwas wünschen darf, dann noch mehr Sortiment von Mozratkugeln. Die Vielfalt und die Qualität sind auch in der Moderne eine gute Visitenkarte.

Victor Schmidt 50pcs

13.12.2013 20:59 - tetyana

Buona sera.abiamo visitato vienna due volte.e stato meraviglioso.tra tante golsita che si asagiava,ci siamo trovati davanti a un negozietto che vendeva i victor schmidt cosi dette le palle di mozart e li abiamo comprate.sono veramente molto buone il chiocolato si shioglie in bocca e poi il ripieno sembra di mandorla e quello del pistachio e stata veramente una scoperta.austria mi e rimasta nel cuore,a pena posso ritorno.

Mozart Médailles 48pcs

13.12.2013 16:36 - Brenda

Mom and I went to Germany and Austria for the Passion Plays in 2000. One of our stops was Salzburg. I love Mozart's music, and so we went to see his house in the square, and right across the way also in the square was the originator of the Mozartkugeln! I believe it was for his 100th birthday celebration (he was no longer alive, of course), they created the Mozartkugel. I've bought them at Christmastime every year since.

Mozart Black

12.12.2013 20:51 - Chaela

I ordered this for my dad who just cannot have Christmas without it!

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