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Samichlaus Bière

22.12.2012 21:51 - Lance Mazmanian

The Indiana Jones of beers, whip included...

Mirabell Mozartkugeln 100pcs

22.12.2012 05:41 - Nina

Hello, I am Nina from Canada. I am so addicted to those chocolates, and because they are very difficult to find in my country, I must order from your site. I hope I get to visit your country one beautiful day.

Hofbauer Mozartkugeln

21.12.2012 01:05 - André KObesnen

When I was child, we had a Wiener Sängerknabe as a visitor in our family, when they were doing a concert in our region. I don't even remember his name or face anymore, but I remember his daddy had a Porsche and the Mozartkugeln, their wonderful taste, he brought. Since then, I know how unique they are and I like them a whole lot. And now for Christmas (and for my birthday) they're my gift for me and perhaps some people close to me. So, Merry Christmas and the Lord's blessing to all of you!

Linzer Torte

20.12.2012 19:56 - franck gauthier

je suis à la recherche de biscuit appelé Linzer augen en avez vous ?

Mirabell Mozartkugeln 100pcs

20.12.2012 03:38 - Madelyn

Mozart’s make everything better. They serve to bond my husband and my mother; they are the perfect Christmas gift, surprise gift, or decadent treat; they are a guiltless pleasure; they are a little piece of heaven wrapped in gold and adorned with the portrait of a musical mastermind. They are next to impossible to find. There are a few secret places local to me in New York where they can be found … supposedly. And I won’t tell where. First, because I haven’t found them in these places myself, and second, because if I do find them, I want them for myself! Either way the boxes are too small to sufficiently satisfy my taste buds. I need more! Alas, I found the mother hub from where they come. And so now I can order them in bulk! My family and I are gluttons for Mozart’s. Just today my husband said he is craving them and hopes my mom will find some soon. Little does his know she stopped by tonight to drop off a box. In fact, she even dropped off 2 boxes! He will be so excited when he gets home from work! You have not experienced greatness until you taste them. Once you do life will never be the same. Thank you for your delicious creation.

Edelweiss Scura

19.12.2012 20:41 - Stephanie Z

I have been searching for this beer locally, and was not able to find it. My boyfriend always talks about how much he loves this beer, and how it is his favorite. He has not had it in years. He says it is the perfect dark beer, not too heavy and with a unique and rich flavor profile. We contacted many local beer and specialty stores in our area, and none of them were able to provide it or send us to another contact that would be able to provide the beer. I am buying this as a suprise for his birthday, and am really looking forward to receiving our order. This is our first time using this website, so I'm excited to see how it is.

Victor Schmidt Sac

19.12.2012 19:53 - Josie

It is not Christmas without Mozart Marzipan Balls

Mozart Gold

19.12.2012 02:56 - Robert May

I first visited Salzburg Austria in 2001. It is a wonderful and beautiful place! I bought several small bottles of the chocolate liqueur (all varieties; dark, white, and regular). I have had many different varieties of chocolate liqueurs and these are the best ones I have ever had. I have yet to decide which is my favorite flavor. My wife does not drink alcohol very often, but she is a big fan of chocolate and an even bigger fan of your chocolate liqueur. I love how smooth and warming the taste is in every shot that I take. It is hard for me not to consume a lot of your delicious liqueurs! I also like how the chocolate taste, especially the dark chocolate, remains in your mouth, long after consuming it. Without a doubt, these chocolate liqueurs make the perfect after-dinner dessert drink. It also accentuates the taste of chocolate desserts, if consumed with or directly after eating a dessert that contains chocolate. After touring your website and reading the reviews of your chocolate liqueur products, I am totally convinced that they are amongst the best chocolate liqueurs out there. I am so glad to see this product is finally available in the United States for purchase!

Hofbauer Chocolats de pâte d

19.12.2012 02:38 - Jean McDonnell

I tried Kugeln in VIenna whole vacationing there this past fall. I brought home some of the Mozart candy form the Mozart shop in VIenna. WHen I returned home I found your website online while searching for the candy I had in VIenna . I have your website bookmarked and ordered 100 pieces to accompany my homemade cookies that I make for gifts at Christmas. I plan to order coffee and chocolates from your website.

Mirabell Mozartkugeln 100pcs

18.12.2012 23:28 - Karin Schaewe

Ich wohne in Amerika und es ist immer wieder schoen, die guten Sachen aus Oesterreich, besonders zu den Feiertaken, zu kosten un daran zu schleckern, vielen Dank.

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