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Helmut Sachers Café

22.11.2013 22:49 - Mike Hanmer

Almost ten years ago I proposed to my now wife in Vienna. The gift of the vieneese coffee will bring back the taste of our engagement this Christmas.

Mirabell Mozartkugeln 100pcs

22.11.2013 18:58 - Mary J.

Yum...Yum I am having a Mozart chocolate right now only have a few left. Visited Salzburg in Sept. was a fabulous visit, but what made this trip even more fabulous was buying this most amazing chocolate, my only regret was I didn't buy more due to the weight restrictions, therefore, I am enjoying the chocolate sparingly, I am glad that I found your site throw Google... love, love this most delicious treat.

Mirabell Mozartkugeln 100pcs

22.11.2013 02:16 - Larissa Trindade

Ganhei esse chocolate de uma vizinha da minha sogra. Despretensiosamente eu comi o chocolate e logo depois enlouqueci surpresa o quanto era bom. Imediatamente fui ate a internet procurar esse chocolate. Preciso comprar...

Mirabell Mozartkugeln 100pcs

21.11.2013 23:18 - Lucy Braga

I first had these living as an opera singer in the Vienna State Opera extra chorus and as a Soprano in the Arnold Schönberg Chor. I used to buy the Mirabell Mozartkugeln as Christnas presents for my family back in England, which we all loved! When we sang in the Salzburg Festival I also fit the chance to try the Original Mozartkugeln which are bigger balks wrapped in silver paper. Also lecker!! (Delicious!)

Mozart White Vanilla

21.11.2013 21:17 - Matthew kennedy

We traveled to the south of France for two weeks and discovered Mozart White Chocolate Liqueur at the Hotel Negresco bar in Nice. We fell in love with the smooth taste of your product. We have tried many other chocolate liqueurs, but nothing compares to Mozart White Chocolate. We returned to the Hotel Negresco several times during our stay for an after-dinner class of Mozart White Chocolate on the rocks. The chocolate flavor is rich, but not overpowering, smooth and heavenly. It was the perfect end to the wonderful dinners we enjoyed during our trip. I've tried to find a distributor in the US, but could not find one who would ship to California. I'm so pleased to have found your website, so that I can order some of your fantastic liqueur for our home. Our wedding anniversary will be here in a few weeks, and I want to surprise my husband with a bottle of Mozart liqueur as a gift. It will help to keep our special memories of our latest trip to France alive. We will also share this fine product with our friends, who I am sure will like it as much as we do. Thank you for making Mozart White Chocolate Liqueur!

Victor Schmidt Sac

20.11.2013 11:25 - Jackie

My mothers German so I have been brought up on some of the most wonderful chocolate in the world including Niedergger marzipan, I ve also spent many holidays traveling all over Europe including Austria with my parents and siblings. I've never tasteted anything as wonderful as Motzart Balls, they are really difficult to find in the UK and after looking online found your fantastic online shop. Christmas wouldn't be the same for me if I didn't have my array of wonderful sweets from Europe, it brings back such wonderful memories of family holidays. The taste of these fantastic balls is second to none, they are some of my most favourite tastes, marzipan, nougat praline and chocolate, one is never enough. If ever any family or friends travel abroad these are always top of my list for treats to bring back home, lovely to see them all in one of my lovely crystal sweets dishes ready to be shared out, trouble is they never last long enough in our household. I unwrap them very carefully and take my first bite the smell and taste is exquisite . I also have tried the motzart kugel liquor that was fantastic too.

Manner Schnitten 4pcs

20.11.2013 08:44 - David Vahlkamp

I have worked in Austria for 9 years as a snowboardteacher. The first day I started I was offered a Manner by the owner of the skischool. from that day on I cannot leave Austria without a BIG bag of schnitten. Nowadays I am salesrepresentative for Austria and every time I visit the country or when my customers visit me, I make sure to have some at home. No day is good without a Manner!!!

Victor Schmidt Sac

18.11.2013 17:44 - Jackie

Lovely lovely lovely chocolates, they bring back many happy memories of holidays in Austria.

Victor Schmidt Sac

18.11.2013 17:34 - Jackie

Lovely lovely lovely brings back many happy memories of holidays in Austria, and it just wouldn't be Christmas with out them.

Victor Schmidt Sac

18.11.2013 17:28 - Jackie

I love these wonderful chocolates, they bring back many happy memories of holidays in Austria. So glad I've found somewhere easy to buy them from.

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