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Wiener Zuckerl

12.04.2013 19:20 - guido campopiano

caramelle finissime e presentate in confezione elegante

Almdudler Peut

12.04.2013 16:59 - Sonja

My mother originates from Austria so I visit on frequent occasions. Although this is a soft drink as child I had never tasted it. and only disovered how refreshing it was once i was an adult and driving to Austria, most years. Once tried I was hooked and one of the last things I would do before leaving Austria would be to leave the autobahn drive to the nearest supermarket and stock up on Almdudler and Manner schnitten! I certainly recieved a few strange looks from the cashiers and certainly the car weighed more on leaving the carpark. I was once stopped at the English border and was asked to see in the boot, and there was my Almdudler, he had no idea what this was and thought it was an alcoholic drink, despite my assurances, he couldn't read German so took the bottle inside to check. To be fair he wasn't long and returned with a smile and allowed me on my way without further delay. One of the most enjoyable and relaxing times was when I visited Almsee and on a sunny afternoon sat outside at a gasthaus and with a great view of the lake, had an apfel strudel and Almdudler, nothing better

Victor Schmidt 50pcs

11.04.2013 11:53 - jolien

After many years in Belgium studying the music and lives of Mozart, Haydn, Beethoven, Schubert, Brahms, Bach, and all the other European composers, my wife and I were able to enjoy a visit to Vienna and Salzburg, the capitol city of classical music, and its summer festival companion. Rather than trying to stuff our suitcases with the irresistable Mozart chocolates, I'm hoping to find these online (especially the marzipan version) to share with my piano students, friends, and family. What better souvenir? We found it amusing to find that Herr Mozart has found a new calling in today's world. He is more than making up for his tragically short number of years, by working double shifts now as famous composer, but also as the sales representative for these wonderful chocolates. Mozart's picture is almost everywhere in Vienna and Salzburg, reminding tourists to take advantage of this delicious souvenir. One of my most awesome piano students/families gave me a collection of these chocolates last Christmas, and another family has brought me back the Violin shaped container from their travels to Germany. I am hoping now that we are back in Belgium that this will be the perfect way to secure these delicacies in enough quantity/value to share with so many of our friends, family, and students!

Victor Schmidt 50pcs

11.04.2013 11:50 - jolien

I love this taste of chocolate.I have to do an exercice fot French and we have to tell the class something about Mozart.Our tekst is a little bit boring and I wanted to find something very Original about mozart.So I began searching on the web and then I saw this site and the chocolate.My mother says that it is very good chocolate so I bought a bit and it's really a wonderfull taste in my mouth.I am from Belgium and in Belgium the chocolate is not as good as these Mozart Bonbons I think.I want to buy more of the chocolates and I would give it to my whole class so that they can also be surprised of the taste.Normally I don't like much chocolate but this bonbons are very tasty that I will never forget.I will search them when I go in the holidays to 'oostenrij' and will buy them again because they surprised me when I eat and saw them first.I hope that the children of my class love them also and my teacher also and maybe we can get more points than the other f my class just of the bonbons! Thanks!

Milka Chocolat Caramel 5x100g

10.04.2013 15:38 - Helen

When I studied abroad in Spain, I tried this brand for the first time and LOVED it! The only sad thing is that I didn’t discover it until later in my time living there, so I didn’t get to enjoy the awesomeness for as long as I could’ve. My favorites are the trufa + almendras (which I can’t find online to buy anywhere!) and the triolade. In the smaller size I love the caramel (even though I am usually not a caramel – loving person). And although I can’t eat it, my friends/family love the schoko + keks, and that one sounds delicious as well. On my return home, in my suitcase I had many bars of Milka chocolate for gifts as well as for myself  . I have been looking for places to buy these now that I am back home and can’t find any chocolate here that is the slightest bit comparable. But anytime I plan a trip overseas I know I’ll be planning my layovers carefully to stop in an airport that will have this chocolate so I can stock up. Milka chocolate will always bring me back to my college semester in Spain. Just wish they sold these different kinds in the US and not just plain milk and white chocolate bars.

Milka Triolade 270g

10.04.2013 15:28 - Helen

Milka is the best chocolate..I love the 3 different kinds in this one bar:)

Milka Chocolat&Petits Gâteaux 270g

09.04.2013 17:03 - Helen

I lived Spain and loved milka chocolates..although I am gluten-free so I can't eat this kind, but my sister and friend both LOVED it. I am buying it for a gift:)

Mirabell Mozartkugeln 100pcs

07.04.2013 15:06 - Philip

I just cant get enough of these bad boys! Pure awesome!

Milka Triolade 270g

04.04.2013 11:22 - Supah

Oh my gosh, this is a such fantastic chocolate, everybody should definetely try it. The taste of the chocolate is like you never ever had before. Everytime I go to Europe,I am buying it at the Duty free airport's shops for my family and myself. The filling of the chocolate is so smooth , milky and delicious. Every little bit of the chocolate is melting on the tongue, when you eat it. The Duty free shops are offering many kinds of chocolates , but Milka chocolate is the most favorite ,that people are choosing. Also the shape of the chocolate, the triangles are very unusally looking, so it makes everybody to buy it. The pieces are not too big neither too small, just the right size ,so if you are looking for something you would like to eat everyday just a little bit this Milka chocolate is just for you. Nobody should hesitate to buy this chocolate, especially if you have children, they will love it. Don't forget , buying the chocolate , you will get a good portion of chocolate 300 g,it is a good size.

Milka Chocolat Fraise 270g

03.04.2013 20:13 - Katelin

Thank you for your awesome chocolate!

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