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Mirabell Mozartkugeln 100pcs

31.10.2013 04:55 - irena

very tasty chocolates martzipans that our whole family enjoys

Mozart Gold

30.10.2013 11:44 - Foutry

Salzbourg, Vienne, MAGNIFIQUE ! Cela fait 2 fois que je viens visiter et je ne m'en lasse pas. Je reviendrai ! et cette liqueur de chocolat au lait, quelle délice ! A gouter absolument !

Nannerl Liqueur Abricot

30.10.2013 05:29 - Barbara Goldberg

I too purchased the violin bottle in Durnstein and live in Northern California and would love to purchase more. It was/is really delicious.

Mirabell Mozartkugeln 100pcs

30.10.2013 04:58 - Jessi

i used to work as a secretary at a silhoutte sunglasses outlet branch, they were run by some germans who for christmas that year gave everyone these chocolates. They were and shall always be my favorite candy in this universe, i've been looking for them all over and thank goodness i finally found them for purchase online. I am buying them as a birthday gift to myself this year since it has been so very long since i have enjoyed this. some time in the future i would love to visit germany in person and see where they are made and eat them in the place they are from. Even now my mouth is watering over the thought of ordering these for myself this month. I may be a month late for my birthday gift to myself, but these candies are worth the wait. I cannot decide if the big box will be enough to last or if i should order two instead just to make sure they span thru more then just a few days. Either way i am lucky to have remembered the name and found this website for my favorite candy. Now if only they had a shop here in New York.

Milka Crème alpine de Lait 100g

29.10.2013 18:50 - Noora

I absolutely love Milka chocolate and especially this flavor, because it is the first one I ever tasted from Milka. My godfather is German and every time I got gifts from him and his wife, it was always something special and exciting. One time I got a cow shaped, funny looking Alpine milk chocolate bar that was filled with milk cream. It was heavenly; I have never ever in my life tasted anything like that. It was like symphony to my taste buds, so sweet and so fulfilling! I remember I used to carefully save that cow shaped chocolate bar for a long time, because I did not want the amazing experience to come to an end. I always thought that when I finish that chocolate bar, I can always ask for my godfather to bring me another one. But unfortunately my godfather does not live in Germany anymore and I live in a country where they do not sell a lot of Milka chocolate bars, so I have been searching and searching for the perfect place to buy these Milka chocolate bars, especially the Alpine milk chocolate bar. This website is a savior for me, because finally I can purchase my favourite chocolate bars whenever I feel like it!

Mozart White Vanilla

29.10.2013 13:57 - Fiona

We visited Vienna a few years ago and absolutely loved the city and the Mozart Chocolate Cream White! It's a difficult produst to find in England so its great I can order it online hopefully in time for Christmas.

Ottakringer Bière Peut

29.10.2013 10:57 - Ilona

First let me start by saying that I'm not a beer drinker, never have been. Nothing I like better than a cool gin and tonic. However, last year I found myself sauntering along the banks of the Alte Donau with my husband, on a very VERY hot early Summer's day. All I craved was something cool and crisp to quench my thirst and a nice spot in the shade to drink it. Crossing the road we spied a very, how can I put it, eccentric pub right on the shore line so we stopped for a drink and a sit down. I had my usual diet coke but it just didn't do the job, eying my husband's clear cool looking beer I snaffled a taste and 'tada!!!!' That was it, converted to beer drinking in that instant (or at least, Austrian beer!) It was heavenly, cool, clean with just a hint of bitterness. By far the nicest beer I've ever had, so there we were, sat in the shade by the Alte Donau, sipping our Ottakringer and falling in love with Vienna. It was a very hot May in 2012 and I don't like hot weather, but this beer saved me!! Absolutely delicious!!

Victor Schmidt Sac

29.10.2013 10:40 - Ilona

Undoubtedly my favourite chocolate. I remember the first time I tried one, I was 14 and on holiday in Austria with my parents. They seemed very decadent, something for the grown ups!! They're very expensive to buy in the UK so when I was in Vienna last year I did go a bit mad! (Sorry for those back home who didn't get your presents as I ate them!!) Aside from the delicious tastes, it's when you first bite in and go through crisp chocolate into soft praline and then firm marzipan. What could be better? I now find myself having to feed my Kugel addiction! On top of the yumminess is the Mozart connection, my favourite composer, I like to carefully unwrap the chocolate and smooth out the foil. All in all the perfect chocolate. :-)

Ottakringer Bière Peut

28.10.2013 17:39 - Yves Seguin

Allo Greetings from Ottawa Canada! My wife and I spent 1 week in the beautiful Wolfgansee , Werfen ,Salzburg and stayed overnight in Hallstatt the reception that we received in your country is like no other we will be returning to enjoy some Ottakringer bier as we can't purchase it here in Canada! Regards! Yves

Hofbauer Mozartkugeln

28.10.2013 05:34 - Katharina McCall

Ist es moeglich eine Packung Hofbauer Schokolade mit dem Namen: Fuer Verwoehnte zu bestellen? Diese Bonbons hab ich ganz besonders gerne und ich wuerde mich so darueber freuen.

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