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Chaussette Noire Rouge-Blanc-Rouge

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Victor Schmidt Sac

19.03.2013 22:17 - Steph

My fave choccies! so glad i can buy online instead of having to travel abroad especially :)

Mozart Gold

19.03.2013 16:14 - Matt

I went to Austria on business and picked up a small bottle of this while visiting Salzburg. I wish I had picked up the bigger bottle! The city itself was amazing with so much history and all of the shoppes and eateries made the trip worth it. My favorite thing in Salzburg was the church. It was beautiful and the architecture was amazing. My colleague and I spent the day walking around the city and visiting the fortress which was a really cool tour. We enjoyed eating lunch at the top of the fortress overlooking the city. The people were extremely friendly and very helpful. Being from America myself, I was surprised to see how many people were able to speak English. It was a very tourist friendly city. We stayed in the city of Linz which was also a very nice city and we were able to sample the chocolate gold liquor there also. All in all the trip was amazing and I would love to go back at some point with my family. My only regret is not buying a bigger bottle - or multiple. Next time I will bring a bigger suitcase and I won't make that mistake again!

Gosser Bière

16.03.2013 12:08 - Thomas

Gut, Besser, Gösser!!!!!!!! (und nicht paulaner)

Mozart Médailles 48pcs

14.03.2013 17:34 - veronique

mon collaborateur est rentré de son séjour en Autriche avec ces merveilleux chocolats dont j'ignorais l'existence, qu'il a très gentiment partagé avec l'équipe. A l'instant où j'ai porté à ma bouche ces chocolats d'exception, j'en suis immédiatement tombée amoureuse et je n'ai qu'un souhait : que mon collègue retourne en Autriche !!

Victor Schmidt 50pcs

12.03.2013 14:49 - Gillian Buchanan

Oh wonderful at last I have found a source of these wonderful chocolates again! When I was in my twenties, I lived in Germany and I first discovered Mozart chocolates in the shops in the airports. I loved them and used to buy them as an occasional treat fo rmyself or for friends and family as gifts - they made me very popular. I have not seen Mozart chocolates for about 20 years, but I recently came across this website and was absolutely thrilled to be able to buy them again. Interestingly, I have been on a diet since the start of January, and have been succeeding and hittiing my weight loss targets and I believe that part of my success is due to these chocolates - it is the thought of my one Mozart a day that keeps me going! I have forsaken quantities of ordinary chocolate and treats for one marvellous Mozart each day and it has helped me and led to my success to date. Well done Mozart! I am about to order my second batch and I will continue with just one a day, I am afraid they are not for sharing, they are my secret vice.

Mirabell Mozartkugeln 100pcs

11.03.2013 14:03 - Michele

L'altra sera mia moglie mi ha chiesto di comprare qualcosa di buono magari al cioccolato al supermenrcato. Cosi' durante la solita passeggiata con il carrello ho arraffato due scatole di biscotti al cioccolato. La sera stessa, dopo cena, abbiamo assaggiato quanto acquistato....... buono per carita', ma chissa perche', mia moglie ha iniziato a parlare di una mitica scatola di cioccolatini che aveva ricevuto in dono da un suo parente tanti anni fa'... cioccolatini austriaci in una scatola bellissima che ricordava avessero qualcosa a che fare con il grandissimo Mozart.......... be' forse dovete ancora sapere che, io e mia moglie, siamo felicemente in attesa di una bambina.. quindi cerco, nei limiti imposti dall'umana natura, di realizzare ogni suo desiderio.... con i mezzi moderni non dovrebbe essere difficile ritrovare quella bonta'........ cerca cerca su internet, ed ecco che lo spunto d' improvviso si concretizza...... le palle di Mozart .. mia moglie vede l'immagine della scatola delle MozartKugeln ed esclama: sono proprio queste ! Ed eccomi qua' a fare l'ordine online per far felice i miei piu' grandi amori, mia moglie ed i miei figli.... col permesso della glicemia !

Milka Chocolat Vache Heureuse

11.03.2013 04:21 - Shanti M

had some in nepal a while ago and i loved it so much. i really want some again haha

Mirabell Mozartkugeln 18pcs

10.03.2013 18:34 - Michele Babb

I bought your chocolates for the first time when I was on a cruise on a MSC cruise liner in the Indian Ocean. I purchase Just one box of your chocolates ! I was so sorry when I got home and an avid chocolate lover this is surely the best chocolate I have ver tasted. I have search everywhere in Johannesburg and unable to find your wonderful chocolate this is why I am on the internet looking for and so happy to see their is the Austrian Shop !!

Gurktaler Alpenkräuter

10.03.2013 05:50 - Anne Clarke

Great product

Forst Bière

08.03.2013 16:56 - Christine

Can I get forst beer shipped to me in New York?

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