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Victor Schmidt Sac

12.08.2013 23:08 - Andrea

I cioccolatini più buoni che abbia mai assaggiato...davvero speciali!

Kaiser Doppelmalz

12.08.2013 16:06 - Helene Weiß

Hallo, habe eine Frage, kann man die Anschrift der Brauerei für Kaiser Doppelmalz erfahren ? Bitte geben Sie mir Nachricht.

Sissi Chocolats

10.08.2013 19:47 - Conrad Kisch

Vienna, Austria. The Kaiserstadt (Imperial city) may not have a Kaiser anymore. But at least it still has loads of cafes, wine cellars, and restaurants that continue to serve traditional Austrian cooking. For me Taffelspitz with Kren form the very essence of Austrian cuisine. But it's also hard to get by without an infusion of Sissi-kugeln, Knoedel, Marillenschnaps, Gruener Veltiner wine, Viennese coffee and all the other goodies produced in Austria. My ancestors emigrated from Austria-Hungary to the USA more than one hundred years ago. My first visit to Vienna was somewhat of an eye-opener. The food tasted exactly the way I remember my grandmother used to cook it. I have now visited Austria some five times. Every time I come, I have to fill up my suitcase with all sorts of delicacies – and run the risk of paying for all the extra weight on the plane. How nice to find the Austrian Shop website! Now I can stock up on all these incredible treats without having to leave the comfort of my living room. Of course shopping on the net is not quite the same thing as actually flying to Vienna and walking through the vineyards to a nice cosy winery for food and beverages. But the Austrian Shop website must be the next best thing. Three cheers for the Austrian Shop Website!

Samichlaus Bière

08.08.2013 13:25 - Sami

This beer is the best one I have tasted so far. I have actually traveled from Finland to Sweden to get it, because it has never been available in the Finnish beverage shops but was available in Sweden, at least few years ago it was. Can be found from some high quality restaurants in Finland, though. Unfortunately I am now having only few bottles left, so I need to get a new batch as soon as possible. Interesting thing about this beer is, that despite of the strong alcohol content, the alcohol actually does not come through very much in the taste. In my opinion, it tastes more like a rye bread or something like that. This beer is very enjoyable indeed. Hopefully I will one day find some time to make a holiday trip to Central Europe to visit the brewery (if it accepts tourist visits). A trip to Austria (perhaps accompanied by a visit to some trappist breweries in Belgium as well) would be a dream come true indeed. I am looking forward to it. By the way, a funny coincidence is, that the beer is brewed sixth of December, which happens to be Finland's national day as well, so you can double the celebration!

Victor Schmidt 50pcs

07.08.2013 21:58 - Katherine

Hello, made entry into Chile

Villacher Bière

07.08.2013 20:25 - pedro

just got back from Kirtag! This beer was the best and that festival is amazing

Mirabell Mozartkugeln 100pcs

07.08.2013 20:13 - Evan Kaliski

I was introduced to this product through our affiliate company in Denmark. They used the product as part of a give away at a trade show. When I left the trade show, I could not find the product anywhere in the USA and really wanted it for the tradeshow in the United States. After a little research, I found the product and have ordered it for the past 2 years. Our clients at the tradeshow love this chocolate and continue to come back to us year after year looking for this product.

Darbo Abricot 200g

06.08.2013 17:00 - HORMAN

On est contents de pouvoir retrouver ces confitures délicieuses ramenées d'Italie.

Kaiser Doppelmalz

04.08.2013 21:44 - Volha

This particular beer is fantastic! Although I am not fond of beer but this one is super!

Mirabell Mozartkugeln 100pcs

03.08.2013 22:13 - Angela

I lived in Germany for a while a few years ago, and did a lot of traveling. Of course I had to stop in Austria, and though my time was limited I visited Vienna. I spotted these Mirabell Mozartkugeln right away, and since they were everywhere I looked, decided to buy a small pack. I was not disappointed; they were delicious. The different combination of flavors, the meltaway chocolate, were unlike anything I had tasted before (and I am no stranger to chocolate and desserts!) Fast forward a couple years, to now, and I am still thinking about them and the other European goods that I have searched in vain for here in the States. I discovered a different kind of Mozartkugeln at a German festival recently, but they were not the same and my initial excitement at finding what I thought were the original treasures I remembered faded quickly. Determined to find these chocolates somewhere I came across this website, and am excited about the thought of tasting these pieces of Austrian heaven once again. I am also excited about sharing these with everyone that I've raved about these to, and letting them see for themselves what they've been missing!

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