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Mirabell Mozartkugeln 9pcs

02.08.2013 14:15 - Stephen Oberauer

My dad's Austrian, so his parents used to post parcels with clothing, videos and Mozart Kugeln to us in South Africa. I fondly remember my dad telling us my favourite bed time stories about a mysterious place called Marzipan land, where everything was made of Marzipan. I vaguely remember something like if you stepped off the path in Marzipan land then you turned into Marzipan. It was about 25 years ago so my memories of my childhood bedtime stories are quite rusty. Nevertheless, Mozart Kugeln remain my favourite chocolates to this day.

Stiegl Goldbräu

01.08.2013 15:31 - Jo Saunders

My mother is from Austria, so we have been weaned on this stuff. I love it and now that I can buy it in the UK this is great. If you do go to Salzburg, go the Stiegl Keller on the hill where the train to go to the castle is, because they have a beer garden that you can go in. If you go at 12 0'clock all the church bells in and around Salzburg ring and it is fantastic to hear.

Mirabell Mozartkugeln 100pcs

29.07.2013 16:58 - sissi

Your chocolate is amazing. My friend brought it back with her from Switzerland. The chocolate I could not have consumed to quickly. It is absolutely amazing and I do want more of your chocolate as soon as I possible could. The white chocolate is the best white chocolate...even the best chocolate in general that I have ever had. All of my friends absolutely love love love your Frey Chocolat. It is definitely better than American chocolate. I hope that you can find a way to ship Frey Chocolat over seas so we can all enjoy. I can not find the chocolate at any other website on the world wide web. Is it possible for your chocolate to be sent over seas? I would give this chocolate as a gift because it would be the best present for anyone to ever receive on Easter, Christmas or their birthday! I will always remember this chocolate as it was like eating heaven even though I will probably need to keep working out a lot more because I eat it so much. I only have two very small pieces left. I want to cry. Please tell me you can sent it overseas!

Mirabell Mozartkugeln 18pcs

29.07.2013 16:53 - Sarah

I've been in Austria only for two days and could not buy the great Austrian chocolate! I was disappointed but then found this website and now I can order for myself and my friends! thank you.

Stiegl Bière Peut

28.07.2013 23:34 - Joseph Sullivan

Just returned from Austria on a 8 day tour, on of the lasting memory was the outstanding beer, and in particular Stiegl! After this beer I find our beer here in the states very watery.So glad it can be ordered online.

Mirabell Mozartkugeln 100pcs

27.07.2013 23:34 - John Brant

I first tasted Mirabell Salzburger Mozartkugler back in July of 1969 and have been enthralled ever since. Although there are many other companies that manufacture Mozartkugln, none compare in flavor to the echt Mirabell Mozartkulen. Every annual trip to Europe always included either a trip to Salzburg if possible or searching for Mirabell's Mozartkulen in the local chocolate shops or delicatessans. When ever friends would travel to Europe, they always had a charge to bring back Mirabell Mozartkuglens (not any other brand). Over the years it bagan to get more difficult to find Mirabell and here in the United States they were not available (so I was told). Now discovering them on-line has been a miracle. I don't need to worry about customs questioning why I'm bringing back so many Mozartkuglens back to the US (Don't they sell them here as well? - Not Mirabell!). They make an excellent decadent gift - again something not available locally and thus that much more special. I've even had friends request them specifically as a gift - nothing else. Their unique flavor is unequalled. Thank goodness for the international web - I'll never be without Mirabell Mozartkulen again.

Gosser Bière

26.07.2013 19:21 - colaiacomo tanja

Ciao avrei bisogno di un informazione..Stò per aprire una pizza al taglio in Austria a Kotcach Mauten vorrei vendere la vostra birra..Quando potete contattatemi..Tanti saluti Tanja

Sissi Chocolats

26.07.2013 04:33 - Jose Juaneza

Bitte packen Sie die Bonbons gut ein, damit die Hitze sie nicht schmelzen.

Milka Oreo 5x100g

25.07.2013 05:49 - Amanda

I discovered this chocolate over a month ago when I went overseas. The first place I tried it from was Barcelona and I would get it in every country that had it when I continued my trip! Oreo is definitely my favourite! My sister and I would eat it basically everyday! I also enjoyed the biscuits! I wish we had it in Australia but it is probably a good thing we do not because I would constantly be eating it! I actually bought about 10 blocks back to Australia for myself and for my friends to try because I love it so much! But I have finished it all now and I need more as soon as possible!!

Gosser Bière

24.07.2013 16:06 - Herbert Budig

I am interested in purchasing a Gosser Beer glass. Was recently in Canada where I tried to purchase one, but was not able to. Can you advise me where I might be able to purchase such a glass? Thank you.

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