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Vieux Babenberger Guerrier

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Kremser Moutarde

08.06.2013 02:51 - William Josey

I was first introduced to Austrian mustard when visiting family in 1989. Senf & sausages - delicious. However I once poured (as a 12 year old) the schwartz rather suss on a meal and lived to regret it. Fortunately it was ice cream for dessert.

Samichlaus Bière

07.06.2013 18:32 - christa

can't wait to try this beer

Gosser Bière

06.06.2013 05:57 - Noelle

I first discovered Gosser beer in Budapest in the summer of 2011 at the Budapest Beer Festival which was held up at the Palace. It was an amazing non-tourist experience. I have been trying to find in the USA but very hard. So I will order through your company and pay the high price to ship into the US as it is hands down THE best beer I have ever drank. Leinenkugals has something called a Summer Shandy but it is not near as good as Gosser's lemon beer. The beer reminds of a summer nights and listening to bands since in Hungarian and the smell of grilled meats and all the fun of the different languages at the Festival. And just talking to other people who wanted to know things about the US. The trip to Budapest was one of my favorite travel experiences. Loved that city and drank Gosser whenever we were out as soon as we first discovered it at the festival. It is really the true drink of summer and captures the essence of an easy drinking beer not heavy at all. Now if you can only find out how to get me Chio Stickletti Sajtos cheese stick snack crackers in the US, I would kiss you!

Nussini 3pcs

03.06.2013 13:59 - Sarah Coe

I have never eaten this but my friend went on exchange from Australia to Germany in 2012 for the whole year and she was obsessed with this chocolate and her 18th birthday is in a month and I have been trying to think of a good present for her and I know that she has really been missing Germany, or 'home' as she calls it, so I decided to get her something from Germany and I was going through her pictures and came across a picture of Nussini and so I have come to the decision that I will buy her as many packets of Nussini that I can afford which is probably around three because shipping is ridiculously expensive and I am very poor on account of the supermarket I work at is going broke and I only get one shift a month and I have been saving up for plane tickets, so three packets of Nussini is going to have to do the job. I think she will be happy with it. I also plan to recreate Ferris Buellers Day Off for her, which I forced her to watch last week, forced because I think that it is not okay for her to go on living without having seen it, and that goes for you too, go watch Ferris Buellers Day Off.

Wiener Zuckerl

02.06.2013 21:18 - Mary o

We had these at our hotel in Vienna. They are delicious. Couldn't,t find them in town, but now have this website to order. Very pleased

Edelweiss Bière

31.05.2013 18:02 - vicky

My husband discovered this beer last year when we had a holiday to Vienna to visit the world famous christmas markets. I have been trying to find it ever since with no luck, and I have just came across your website! I will be placing my order ASAP!

31.05.2013 14:20 - Sam

Amazing wish if we can buy it in Nz

Victor Schmidt 50pcs

30.05.2013 17:16 - ELor

My family and I lived for some years in Europe and had the opportunity to travel to many beautiful locations, including Austria. My dad has always loved Mozartkugeln and on special occasions we always make it a point to get him some..and of course he shares with us! These chocolates, like Austria, will always have a special place in my heart.

Mozart Gold

30.05.2013 06:43 - Shelly Duhamell

My cousin in Salzburg gave me a small bottle. It is absolutely wonderful. So, glad I can buy it online.

Victor Schmidt 50pcs

30.05.2013 04:16 - Shelly Duhamell

This is a family favorite! My aunt in Austria sends me this candy at the holidays but it doesn't last long :) We all love it in my house. Wonderful chocolate.

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