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Milka Triolade 270g

10.04.2013 15:28 - Helen

Milka is the best chocolate..I love the 3 different kinds in this one bar:)

Milka Chocolat&Petits Gâteaux 270g

09.04.2013 17:03 - Helen

I lived Spain and loved milka chocolates..although I am gluten-free so I can't eat this kind, but my sister and friend both LOVED it. I am buying it for a gift:)

Mirabell Mozartkugeln 100pcs

07.04.2013 15:06 - Philip

I just cant get enough of these bad boys! Pure awesome!

Milka Triolade 270g

04.04.2013 11:22 - Supah

Oh my gosh, this is a such fantastic chocolate, everybody should definetely try it. The taste of the chocolate is like you never ever had before. Everytime I go to Europe,I am buying it at the Duty free airport's shops for my family and myself. The filling of the chocolate is so smooth , milky and delicious. Every little bit of the chocolate is melting on the tongue, when you eat it. The Duty free shops are offering many kinds of chocolates , but Milka chocolate is the most favorite ,that people are choosing. Also the shape of the chocolate, the triangles are very unusally looking, so it makes everybody to buy it. The pieces are not too big neither too small, just the right size ,so if you are looking for something you would like to eat everyday just a little bit this Milka chocolate is just for you. Nobody should hesitate to buy this chocolate, especially if you have children, they will love it. Don't forget , buying the chocolate , you will get a good portion of chocolate 300 g,it is a good size.

Milka Chocolat Fraise 270g

03.04.2013 20:13 - Katelin

Thank you for your awesome chocolate!

Mirabell Mozartkugeln 100pcs

31.03.2013 04:21 - leanne Barnes

My husband and I went to Austria 5 years ago and came upon these most delicious chocolates. We have never tasted anything like them before. Now when ever friends go over there we ask them to bring us some back. Now I have found them online, Thankyou.

Victor Schmidt 50pcs

27.03.2013 00:53 - Tanya

This chocolate is the best chocolate I've ever eaten. My family and I went to Disney and we typically love to explore the stores and see what kind of different foods/candy we find. The first time I found this chocolate was in Orlando in Epcot Center. I bought some but did not really know what I was going to get. One bite and I was absolutely convinced that it's the best candy I've ever tried. It was soft, sweet, but not too sweet. Unfortunately I only bought a few of the candy and wished that I have a lot more. Ive been trying to find the chocolate in other places, but it's not so easy to find.Every time I went to Disney after I had to get some more. My family is addicted to this candy. My kids love it, my husband love, everyone loves it .This chocolate combines 2 of my favorites things. Marzipan and Chocolate. I've found the chocolate in a store where I live now, but I don't always buy it because it has too many calories to eat all the time. I wish the company would make other kinds of candy with marzipan. Now that have found this website I will buy the candy more.

Almdudler 4x2l

25.03.2013 17:35 - Ricky

I went to the Zugspitze and tried Almdudler for the first time, it was a real shock when I opened the bottle, all the smell turned over my head. But then I tasted it... It was WONDERFULL!!! I got 2 bottles extra and brought it back to my home.

Victor Schmidt 50pcs

23.03.2013 18:29 - mona

i loved the taste so unique a taste ya can never forget

Victor Schmidt Sac

23.03.2013 18:27 - mona

lovely chocolate a taste ya can never forget i am addicted to it

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