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Wiener Zuckerl

23.03.2013 04:35 - Bernadette Donley

I emailed you several months ago and wanted to find and buy wiener suckers candy. You sent me a number for the voucher and I can not find it would you please send it again. Also does this candy have a fruit filling I would like to buy 3or5 pounds. I would greatly appreciate hearing from you. I found a candy that was imported here in the USA that I thought was this candy and I was very disappointed It had a taffy filling. Thank you again. I really loved this candy

Mirabell Mozartkugeln 100pcs

22.03.2013 11:28 - DEMEYER

Nous venons de passer un séjour au Tyrol et nous avons pu goûter aux fameux chocolats autrichiens ! quel délice ! il faut effectivement les laisser fondre dans la bouche ... pour un moment de douceur incomparable ! chocolats absolument irrésistibles !!!

Victor Schmidt 50pcs

21.03.2013 22:52 - Richard.King

we drive to mayrhofen every yr snd always buy 6 bags ofbthes as yhey are truly scrumptious ! Keep up the goodcwork and dont STOP

Almdudler Peut

21.03.2013 11:08 - Jenny

I went to Europe back in 2008 and i stayed one of my friend's home in Germany. i tasted Almdudler first time with my first meal in Germany. it was truly new taste and new world. wow!!!! i was drinking everyday until i came back to Australia. after i came back i met my husband and we had our first child in Perth. i was craving for this drink but did not know where i could get it worsth part is i couldnt remember the name of this drink. i cried and begged to my husband to get it for me almost before i gave birth.. i now settled in Canberra, after 3and half years i found this crazy craving drink name!!!! before i called Almdudler as Austria brown water=) So excited to drink again and feel the europe once again. I am going to introduce to my friends in Canberra once i recieve my babies.

Mirabell Mozartkugeln 18pcs

20.03.2013 02:27 - Knophius

When I was five years old, my parents gave me a 'mozart introduction'-cd with the greatest hits like 'la ci darem il mano' and the first movement of the clarinet concerto. Since then, for a few years, I collected everything that had to do with Mozart, from Austrian coins to cd's and, indeed, Mozartkugeln. After not eating them for a very long time, I recently rediscovered these delicious bonbons. Now, together with an other friend, who is a musician as well, we decided to do an scientific test of Mozartkugeln. It might have something to do with the fact that we just returned from a concert and an evening in the cafe afterwards, but it is quite a lot of fun. After analyzing the Viktor Schmidt Austria Original Mozart Kugeln, keeping an eye on Mozarts clothes in the picture on the foil, the amount of kugeln you can eat without getting sick, the taste and some other very important points, we now decided to let the famous Mirabell rip-offs of Schütz's original bonbon be the next ones to be tested. This is the first time that we order something on this website, and we hope that it's service is as good as the site suggests. We will really enjoy 'testing' these kugeln, and keep you update about the results!

Victor Schmidt Sac

19.03.2013 22:17 - Steph

My fave choccies! so glad i can buy online instead of having to travel abroad especially :)

Mozart Gold

19.03.2013 16:14 - Matt

I went to Austria on business and picked up a small bottle of this while visiting Salzburg. I wish I had picked up the bigger bottle! The city itself was amazing with so much history and all of the shoppes and eateries made the trip worth it. My favorite thing in Salzburg was the church. It was beautiful and the architecture was amazing. My colleague and I spent the day walking around the city and visiting the fortress which was a really cool tour. We enjoyed eating lunch at the top of the fortress overlooking the city. The people were extremely friendly and very helpful. Being from America myself, I was surprised to see how many people were able to speak English. It was a very tourist friendly city. We stayed in the city of Linz which was also a very nice city and we were able to sample the chocolate gold liquor there also. All in all the trip was amazing and I would love to go back at some point with my family. My only regret is not buying a bigger bottle - or multiple. Next time I will bring a bigger suitcase and I won't make that mistake again!

Gosser Bière

16.03.2013 12:08 - Thomas

Gut, Besser, Gösser!!!!!!!! (und nicht paulaner)

Mozart Médailles 48pcs

14.03.2013 17:34 - veronique

mon collaborateur est rentré de son séjour en Autriche avec ces merveilleux chocolats dont j'ignorais l'existence, qu'il a très gentiment partagé avec l'équipe. A l'instant où j'ai porté à ma bouche ces chocolats d'exception, j'en suis immédiatement tombée amoureuse et je n'ai qu'un souhait : que mon collègue retourne en Autriche !!

Victor Schmidt 50pcs

12.03.2013 14:49 - Gillian Buchanan

Oh wonderful at last I have found a source of these wonderful chocolates again! When I was in my twenties, I lived in Germany and I first discovered Mozart chocolates in the shops in the airports. I loved them and used to buy them as an occasional treat fo rmyself or for friends and family as gifts - they made me very popular. I have not seen Mozart chocolates for about 20 years, but I recently came across this website and was absolutely thrilled to be able to buy them again. Interestingly, I have been on a diet since the start of January, and have been succeeding and hittiing my weight loss targets and I believe that part of my success is due to these chocolates - it is the thought of my one Mozart a day that keeps me going! I have forsaken quantities of ordinary chocolate and treats for one marvellous Mozart each day and it has helped me and led to my success to date. Well done Mozart! I am about to order my second batch and I will continue with just one a day, I am afraid they are not for sharing, they are my secret vice.

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