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Mozart Gold

21.02.2013 07:19 - David S

My wife and I discovered this wonderful chocolate liqueur through a friend in the 1990s. The texture is very smooth and the taste is delicious. We enjoy having a small glass after dinner on a cold night by the warmth of the fireplace. We bought a bottle in Austria in 1996 at a shop in St. Johann in Tirol (which, by the way, is a delightful small town with friendly people, good hiking and great food). After our return to the U.S. I found it in several better wine stores, and we have been enjoying it ever since. For many years it has been available in the U.S. through distributors, but recently, in the last year or so, I have had trouble finding it. The manager of one of my favorite wine stores told me he could no longer get it, that nobody else could either, and that I was out of luck. So I did a search and found I'm so glad to be able to buy this again! Thanks a lot for making this delicious product available to those of us who enjoy a great cholocate liqueur!

Manner Schnitten 4pcs

20.02.2013 21:18 - MIGLIORE

My grandmother was borned in Vienne, she is Austrian, and I am french. When I was young, she always bought this waffle when she traveled in her family in Austria, I have very good memories with them, I love them and all my family too. When I found your site I was very pleased, that's why I orderer lots of time their waffles. I remember when they have been100 years old, because my boss was in Vienne for job, and I askes him to buy Manner Schnitten for me the packaging was very beautiful. They are very good !

Mirabell Mozartkugeln 18pcs

20.02.2013 11:52 - Nicola Finesso

Ogni volta anche solo se passo per l'Austria, non mi faccio mai mancare l'acquisto di questi stupendi prodotti.

Darbo Fraise 200g

20.02.2013 10:45 - rubini silvia

è buonissima

Mirabell Mozartkugeln 100pcs

20.02.2013 09:03 - Ania

On March 7 it is my sisters 40 years birthday. And one of her favorite chocolates is the ‘Mozartkugeln’. The first time she tasted the ‘Mozartkugeln’ is 18 years ago when she and I went for our first trip to Austria. We spend 14 days in Saalbach in the summertime where we hiked in the mountains and went out on mountain bikes. We were first introduced to the ‘Mozartkugeln” in the hotel we stayed. The landlady placed each night a little bit of chocolates on our pillows as a treat. Most of the time it was either Ritter Sport or Milka but one night we got a ‘Mozartkugeln’ instead. And then we were ‘hooked’. Next day we went to the nearest supermarket and bought some of our own. Naturally we made sure to buy some home with us as we returned home to Denmark. Unfortunately you cannot buy ‘Mozartkugeln’ many places here but when they on a rare occasion are on offer in a shop I make sure to buy some. We are both very fund of this little chocolate. On one trip to Salzburg the guide had been so kind to buy a kind of ‘Mozartkugeln’ so we could taste it. We all looked forward to this after a long and exciting day but we were a bit disappointed when we found out that it was the wrong kind of ‘Mozartkugeln’. It was not our favorite Mirabelle. Not to worry as we had our own supply of the right ‘Mozartkugeln’ at the hotel. As a special gift to my sister I will give her 100 ‘Mozartkugeln’. And I know she will appreciate the gift very much.

Mozart Black

20.02.2013 07:51 - Andrea Glaser

Hallo ihr, ich finde die Mozartliköre einfach köstlich. Zum Backen ein gedicht. Der Kuchen hat einen herlichen schockoladigen geschack. Jeder meiner Bekannten fragen mich ständig nach dem Rezept. Mozartlikör ist das Rezept.Beim Gugelhupf ein Schuß von dem Weißen rein . Beim Marmorkuchen in den Weißen Teig ein Schuß Weißen rein und in den schwarzen Teig ein Schuß Goldenen rein.Der schmeckt dann so herrlich das man nicht mehr aufhören kann zum essen. Einfach mal ausprobieren. Zum so genießen eine Revulution des Gaumens. Egal ob der Weiße, die Goldenen oder der schwarze. Es ist einfach unbeschreiblich. Mein Favorit ist gerade der Schwarze. Er hat so was eigenes. noch Schokoladiger und nicht so süß. Der Goldene hat ein super Aroma. Er ist soo schön Sahnig aber auch nicht so süß. Der Weiße ist auch gelungen. Wer auf Weiße schockolade steht ist er genau richtig. Ich bin ein Schockoladen liebhaber besonders liebe ich auch Mozartkugeln.. Ich mag alle sorten derswegen schmecken mir auch alle drei Liköre. Den roten habe ich bis jetzt nicht probieren können. Den habe ich bei uns in der Region noch nicht gesehen, Bei dem Neuen Dry ist es das ähnliche Problem . Leider nicht zu bekommen. Lieber Gruß Andrea

Kaiser Doppelmalz

20.02.2013 00:48 - Lin

haben sie 5 L (oder mehr) metal fass bier?

Ottakringer Bière Bouteille

19.02.2013 21:17 - miss shirley ware

very refreshing beer

Victor Schmidt 50pcs

19.02.2013 20:19 - Tara

A guy once gifted me a box and I've been in love every since. Now, I want to order them in bulk.

Milka Chocolat Caramel 5x100g

16.02.2013 20:21 - Lisa

Growing up in Germany, chocolate was always a special treat. Every year when Easter came around I took my little pink basket and collected chocolate eggs and chocolate bunnies in the garden. I always wanted to eat it all right away. But of course I was not allowed to. There are memories of me bursting into tears, because I wanted to eat my chocolate bunny. My mother to this day tells the story of me finding a little milka chocolate bunny by my bed side in the morning. I was about 3 years old and I am sure my parents just wanted to do a good deed. But when they awoke that particular morning it was very quiet in the house. They wondered why I had not called for them, for I was usually up early. And when they entered my room they found me in my bed covered with chocolate, peeling away on the foil that the milka bunny was wrapped in. and while I was holding it by the neck, very slowly the chocolate melted away and the head began to drop to the side. Turns out I was able to reach through the bars of my toddler bed and grab the bunny by the ears. And to this day nothing can stand between me and my chocolate treats.

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