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Milka Oreo 5x100g

16.02.2013 01:56 - Stephanie

Well on a travel program my home stay father interduced the chocalate to me,I loved it. Unfortainitly they are not sold in all the flaves in my native country.

Milka Chocolat&Petits Gâteaux 270g

13.02.2013 11:57 - Judy

I travelled to Bangkok & Vietnam in January 2013 with my husband & 3 children, on the way home we had a 6 hour stopover in Bangkok airport and as I perused the duty free shops came across this milka chocolate, buy 3 x 300gm bars & get 1 free, I bought the chocolate packed it in the bag, after arriving home we had a couple of pieces the following night with a cup of tea, the chocolate was all gone in 2 days, we are hooked, I can't find any in Sydney.

Mirabell Mozartkugeln 100pcs

12.02.2013 04:14 - caroline

We first enjoyed these delicacies while in Vienna in 1997 for AdventSing. Our tour guide introduced them to us & they easily became one of our all-time favorite sweets. We had never tasted anything quite like them & soon were enjoying them on a daily basis. We also stocked up & brought several boxes home to our whole family; we have all been hooked ever since. I saved two of the boxes that we brought home, hoping to find them again here in the States, but I had not had any luck in the past & had finally given up, storing the boxes in a kitchen cabinet & hoping that I would eventually find a source for more of these incredible treats. I recently ran across the saved boxes while cleaning out that kitchen cabinet & decided to try searching online. After all these years, the delicious memory of those decadent chocolates was still very strong, prompting me to see if I could find them once again. I was thrilled to find your website & have the opportunity to order your yummy chocolates. My mouth will be watering with anticipation until they arrive, & I know just getting to enjoy them again will bring the memories of our trip to Vienna alive again. Wonderful!!

Milka Noisette 270g

11.02.2013 19:54 - Dominique Clayton

I love Milka chocolate. my family brings it back for me every summer and it's the highlight of my summer.

Milka Chocolat Lait Alpin 270g

11.02.2013 10:35 - Scott B

As a New Zealander this chocolate is so hard to come by, in fact you just can't get it in my home town. I first came across it when I travelled to Europe in 2009 and it is by far the best chocolate I have ever had, even coming across it again just recently, I can't even bear spend anything on other chocolate available here because it's by far no where near the taste of Milka (hence purchasing online of course!). When I first bought it in 2009 I remember walking into the shop, I was immediately greeted in English, they knew I was a tourist straight away! I really was a child in a candy shop and after much time a friend suggested Milka. I bought it home to the family and they all love it now, my older brother loves the traditional milk flavour whereas my mother's favourite is the hazelnut, whenever I go to purchase some new Milka I check with the family, because it's my fault they got onto the stuff and so now it's my duty to check with them to see if they want any!! I can't wait to get some more in the post!!

Victor Schmidt 50pcs

08.02.2013 13:22 - Linda

Ahh... I love them! I am ordering a box for my mum's birthday :)

Victor Schmidt 50pcs

08.02.2013 13:18 - Linda

Ahh... I love them! I am about to order them as a present for my mom!

Manner Schnitten 4pcs

07.02.2013 20:22 - Uyan

When I was in Austria I fell in love with this waffle. Usually I am not a waffle-person but Manner Schnitt made me eat one and I am very happy that I found my favorite piece of deliciousness. The cream has a very silky, chocolaty, nutty taste which I would never resist to have one. At the end this is a thing that a man must eat couple of hundred times in his lifetime

Gurktaler Alpenkräuter

07.02.2013 08:46 - Stephen Henry

My mother, now 88 years old, and German, remembers using this as a child for medicine. Judging by her age and health, I dare say this is good stuff. I would very much like to have a bottle sent to Arizona, USA.

Wiener Zuckerl

06.02.2013 20:46 - Suzanne Noland

My grandmother was from Austria. She would bring these candies back with her from Austria. This was in the 1950's. We visited Austria in 2010 & I rediscovered them !

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