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Hofbauer Chocolats de pâte d

19.12.2012 02:38 - Jean McDonnell

I tried Kugeln in VIenna whole vacationing there this past fall. I brought home some of the Mozart candy form the Mozart shop in VIenna. WHen I returned home I found your website online while searching for the candy I had in VIenna . I have your website bookmarked and ordered 100 pieces to accompany my homemade cookies that I make for gifts at Christmas. I plan to order coffee and chocolates from your website.

Mirabell Mozartkugeln 100pcs

18.12.2012 23:28 - Karin Schaewe

Ich wohne in Amerika und es ist immer wieder schoen, die guten Sachen aus Oesterreich, besonders zu den Feiertaken, zu kosten un daran zu schleckern, vielen Dank.

Mozart White Vanilla

18.12.2012 12:44 - Ashley

My family and I went to Austria a few months ago, and before going, we had tried chocolate liqueurs and never found one we really cared for, but then we tried this kind and were completely converted. We wish it wasn't so hard to find in stores, but I'm glad it's here online!

Almdudler 24x0,5l

18.12.2012 12:00 - Allyse Simard

I went to the very southern part of Germany near Lindenberg on an exchange last June. While I was there some friends and I went to a bar and we were we looking at the menu deciding what to get. We saw Almdudler on the menu and didn't know what it was so we asked our German friends to explain it to us. They told us it was a spiced carbonated drink but couldn't really tell us more. We eventually decided to try it. (We weren't allowed to drink alcohol so we had to choose something nonalcoholic.) I loved it and drank it several more times while in Germany and Austria! I bought it every chance I got and I would have got it more if I could have! I have tried to explain it to my parents and friends but have not been able to very well. I hope I will be able to buy some and enjoy it here in America! I wish there was somewhere to buy it in America! I know it will remind me of my trip to Germany which I miss very much!! I am glad I found out about Almdudler and that I can get it on this website!

Mozart Barre

17.12.2012 21:40 - GUESTAULT

une amie m' en a offert, et j'ai trouve que c'etait deliceux . Aussi je voudrais en offrir

Mozart Gold

17.12.2012 06:23 - Eva Mitomi

Ich habe heute eine Flasche Mozart Gold in meinem Haus entdeckt. Meine Tochter hat sie for 15 Jahren von einer Reise fuer mich mitgebracht . Die Flasche ist noch fast voll weil ich sie vergessen hatte. Nun wundere ich mich ob der Liqueur noch sicher zu trinken ist, es hat keinen haltbar bis stempel. Ich hoffe Liqueure sind fuer immer haltbar, so das ich davon zu Weihnachten trinken kann. Viele Gruesse aus Hawaii.

Nannerl Liqueur Abricot

17.12.2012 04:24 - Elizabeth

Can you ship your Nannerl Liqueur Apricot violin bottle to the United States? I live in Pennsylvania and would like to order one. Thank you.

Victor Schmidt 50pcs

16.12.2012 18:14 - Laura

I first tried this chocolate on a school vacation to Austria. My mother asked me to bring her a box, since she missed this type of chocolate. She used to have it during a period she lived close to Austria. I bought her a box, but also tried some for myself, and got hooked fast. Sadly, this chocolate is not for sale in Holland. I tried all kinds of different types, but never quite the same. I have not visited Austria since, so did not have the opportunity to buy some more of this delicious chocolate. Recently, I got the idea to check online, and found this website. I'm looking forward to trying mozarts kugeln again after 15 years. Another reason to get them now, is that hopefully the package will arrive in time for Christmas. That way, I could create gift bags for my family containing a few of these chocolates each. This should be a nice surprise for my mother especially, since she asked me to buy her these 15 years ago. A testament to the taste of these chocolates should be the fact that I remember them still after 15 years have passed. I'm sure that the will make a great gift.

Milka Naps 355pcs

15.12.2012 19:06 - amanda

fanastic chocolate have been looking for them last four yeqrs in ireland

Almdudler 24x0,5l

15.12.2012 15:42 - Jay

I have never heard of or tried the Almdudler before, the first time I came across with this very famous brand is from my friend. It was a really difficult task for me to think of what to buy as Christmas for my friend this year, i was so upset as Christmas day is only 1 week after. But at a really random occasion, I found out that my friend loves this brand Almdudler very much!! However you cannot find any in our country and nowhere to buy it. Luckily, after some research, I discovered that it could be ordered online, I was so happy and excited! I ordered it and my friend really loved it and surprised that I could get it here. Since I have also bought myself some Almdudler to try it, I love it so much as well. This is the reason why I am coming back and order more Almdudler again! I want to give it to my friend again this year and let more friends know about this brand and drink. I really hope one day we can buy it here, and no need to wait for the shipping after ordered online! But still, it is so good and definitely worths the wait!!

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